History of Maldives


Around 1700 people, though most people live out of island on work or job therefore approximately 900 people live in the Octopus Island


Transfer Type:  

Due to distant island, Transfers are made by Large Fiber Boats built for Ferry Service to the Island. These Boats are clean and tidy with attached Toilets. Strong to Sea equipped with full Life saving facilities. During the Journey Free Local Food (Rice, Fish Curry or Chicken Curry with poppadum or Noodles with few other items will be served free of charge). Sleeper Class Cabins with AC and attached fans. Each Customer travelling on these boats will be given a Mattress for comfortable sleeping (in the form of Sleeper Class available on Standard Trains)


On Arrival to Int'l Airport:     

Free Meet and greet Service will be provided on arrival and departure and all assistance will be provided escorting to the Ferry Boat..


Transfer Duration:                

From International Airport customers will come to Male' Capital City to join the Ferry Boat. Due to a distant island it takes about 15 hours to reach the Octopus Island (almost one over night travelling on board). Usual Departure Time is 17 hrs and usual arrival time to the Octopus Island is next day morning 07.30 am   


Paces to stay:


A beautiful local island lying in the H Daal Atoll Thilandhumathi - an un spoilt zone in the Maldives Islands. The VAI-KARA-DHOO (OCTOUPUS ISLAND) is with a population of 900 people living in the island surrounded by crystal clear lagoon and white sandy beach. Lots of new growing colorful coral with plenty of colorful various types of fishes to explore during snorkeling.

The island is basically with friendly people and green beautiful Palm trees surrounded by the island with other vegetation inside on the mini farms water melon, papaya, chilies growing in some parts of the islands. Ideal local island for Tourists to spend holiday who would like to discover the local people and how they live and then to enjoy snorkeling, sun tanning, fishing on the beach and them make own BBQ. This Local Island Holiday Package is very special specially for those Tourists who would like to visit Maldives at a low budget..


What to pack:


Enjoy Sight Seen - Walking around inside the island learning about people and how they live. All people are friendly and you can speak to them in English as most of the young people will speak English.

Enjoy learning living style of people living in the island: how they dress up, how and what they cook, how they clean and broom the island sandy roads, how they cut fish and cook, talk to small children and enjoy taking photos etc

Walk barefoot around the island in the morning and evening during sun set N sun rise. Enjoy walk on the soft white sandy beach surrounded feeling your feet by the sea side water and enjoy watching sun set or sun rise. Else you may lie on the beach or be seated on the white sandy beach feeling the sand in your hand to watch sun rise and sun set.

As the morning turns to noon you may jump into the lagoon simply to swim or wear a mask and fins to enjoy sight seen of plenty of beautiful fishes and beautiful live corals. You may spend the whole day swimming and sun tanning or taking a rest by a shade of a huge tree to rest before you jump again into to the sea

Catch Octopus hide in low tide reef - walk on the reef with iron rod and hunt octopus and make own BBQ on the beach side sand bank and eat with delicious coconuts


When to go:

You can Play Badminton or Beach Volley with local friendly people or join the Foot Ball team in the evening

Enjoy early morning fishing and late evening fishing by rod or line (Provided free). Our Tour Guide will assist you on request to ensure you catch a fish and them can prepare own free BBQ on the beach and eat with some coconuts

If you feel a bit tired before or after dinner take a rest in the swings or in the rest house near the front side of the island where you can find many local friendly people to chat and talk about the island, history and how they live. These swings and rest house spots are comfortable places where you can sit together in a romantic mood with your husband or wife as some times late evening the swings and rest house will be empty etc

Since the package is based on ROOM ONLY BASIS (R/O) you can enjoy local food or buy any sort of junk food or Young Coconut from the shops and local hotels or local Chef assigned to prepare local food for you during your stay (our tour guide who will travel with you to the island will guide you on these matters). The Package is made on RO basis to give plenty of options and flexibility on food selection at the cheap price and enjoy the best way and cheapest way to enjoy this local island holiday.  


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