Beach House Iruveli Maldives


At Beach House Iruveli the culture of Haa Alif Atoll is embedded in every leaf's iridescent vein, every smile generously lent, every drum beat. It is within the stories guests are told. The journeys they embark upon. The memories they savour

It is a culture that makes its presence known in the reach of the boat builder, painting his prow, continuing his father's trade. In the buzz of the village kitchen with its spiced scents and echoing laughter. In the warmth of each local person who has shared their sunlit gifts of friendship and kindness

Guests are invited to uncover this culture. To learn about, and discover, the deep layers of artisanal, artistic and culinary tradition present in the nearby islands of Molhadhoo, Uligamu, Utheem and Maarandhoo. To be inspired by legends of intrigue and expedition, age-old traditions and ancient rituals. To immerse themselves in this unique way of life. To be entranced


A precious destination.

Under the Indian Ocean lies a vast mountain range known as the Cahgos Laccadive Ridge. As it breaks the surface of the sapphire waters, a low wall of coral atolls are formed. 820 kilometres of pure beauty.
On the atoll islands, ground level rests only a few metres above the calm, warm lagoon. A house reef lies in surround, narrow navigable channels known as kandu giving access from the lagoon into the wide open sea. The climate is exceptional, warm year-round with temperatures of 30 to 32 celsius.
And it was to Haa Alif, the northenmost atoll, where only 16 of 42 islands are inhabited, that we were beckoned. Manafaru, the private island of Beach House Iruveli. Our sanctuary


Beach House Iruveli.

Beach Houses everywhere are treasure chests of memories. Set apart from the ordinary world, they speak of familial comforts, childhood imagination, of stories told and nurtured.
None more so than Beach House Iruveli.
Here, on a remote island in the midst of Haa Alif, guests can immerse themselves in sophisticated luxury led by warmth more often found in a home. Guests not only share our island, but also the ancient world of the islands that surround us, experiencing centuries-old customs and traditions that still hold strong.
Shaped by rich cultural narratives, Beach House Iruveli crafts extraordinary experiences from a stunning natural setting. Beautifully designed villas and suites emerge from hidden pathways and lush foliage. Sunlight pours into idyllic over-water havens. Heritage features are matched by personalised detail and unexpected touches.
Maldivian cuisine comes direct from the kitchens of local chefs, while fine dining is shaped by exquisitely balanced flavours and ingenious pairings in an underground wine cellar.
Beneath the water or above, on the vast expanse of our dazzling beach or in the restorative surrounds of our healing spa, each and every moment is engraved in your memory and stays with you forever. Beach House Iruveli is not just an island, it's a whole other world


A secret island paradise.

Amidst the dazzling turquoise waters of Haa Alif, the northernmost atoll of the Maldives, lies Beach House Iruveli. 35 acres of sublime solitude. Flawless white sands. Deep emerald foliage. Purity of nature. We are enchanted at first sight.
Sea navigators will find it at 6 degree 59'50.35" N, 72 degree 56'24.86'' E. 320km (199 miles) north of Male


Welcome to Beach House Iruveli.

The warmest of welcomes awaits us as we arrive in Male. Whether journeying to Beach House Iruveli by 69-minute seaplane, or by 45-minute domestic flight and 40-minute speedboat, intuitive and personalised detail makes the voyage utterly unforgettable.
Seamless transfer. Escorted to a comfortable lounge pre-flight, every need is taken care of by Shaweem, our helpful Representative. A refreshing drink, and we take to the air. Sunlight sparkles on the Indian Ocean. Soaring visions of cobalt and jade, then pearl as the Maldivian islands below plot a jewelled route towards our destination.
We descend; a blanket of green forms the heart of the island, surrounded by a ring of delicate beach. The long pier that stretches out into the glorious sea heralds our arrival.
Our Host, Rashid, is waiting. Greeting us like an old friend, we feel as though we have already met. Led to our room, we enter. Senses immediately arouse - smell, touch, sight, sound, taste. A soothing fragrance. Layered textures. A local village scene captured in striking colour within a framed photograph. The trickle of running water. A delicious home comfort, created to our desire. Nourished by our environment, delighted by special bespoke touches, we find ourselves immersed in pleasure and anticipation



Water Villa.

The water, spellbinding, has us momentarily transfixed. Rashid, our Host, points out a framed photograph on the wall. A local spearfisherman who, we are told, can free dive for up to four minutes, readying himself to descend into the sea. With one lung of air he can catch one fish; a delicious meal.
Commanding breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, each of the 30 Water Villas covers 110 sqm, with generous sleeping and lounging space. Glass panelled floors allow intimate observation of the exotic marine life below, while the expansive private deck and plunge pool offers an idyllic location to spend your day in secluded tranquillity. When the mood takes, steps from the deck lead you directly into the lagoon below for a refreshing dip - or snorkelling adventure.
Airy and spacious, interiors are led by a palette of wood and neutural tones and include a high-vaulted ceiling. Photography on the walls presents guests with an intriguing insight into the rich cultural of the local islands of Haa Alif Atoll, each with its own unique story.
The partially open-air bathrooms feature a rain shower and an i-Spa bathtub. Each Water Villa can accommodate up to 3 adults, or 2 adults plus 2 children

Also included in each Water Villa:

  • In-Villa private bar
  • Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
  • Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
  • Personal safe
  • Pillow menu
  • Portable phone with IDD
  • Life jacket

Discover the elegance of the Ocean Villa


Beach Villa.

We are greeted into our new home with a refreshing drink - water infused with basil, served on a palm leaf tray known in dhivehi, the language of the Maldives, as baiy polhi. A personally-selected array of local fruits awaiting our attention, the gentle song of birds above, an island waiting to be explored.
Spaces of pure elegance and seclusion, the 22 Beach Villas are set within lush foliage on the west side of the island - the perfect location to enjoy sunrise views. Each offers an expansive 150 sqm space, including spacious living and sleeping areas. Interiors juxtapose dark woods, grey stone and plant life, while nature surrounds at every turn.
Interiors can be opened up to invite the sea breeze, whilst the open-air bathroom leads to an inviting sun deck with plunge pool and day beds. Doors from the living area lead directly onto a wooden deck with seating, while a few steps further takes guests onto the wide open expanse of the beach and their own private cabana.
Also included in each Beach Villa:

  • In-Villa private bar
  • Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
  • Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
  • Personal safe
  • Pillow menu
  • Portable phone with IDD
  • Life jacket

Discover the luxury of the Beach Suite


Ocean Villa.

We trace the teak architecture with our fingers, local woods chiselled and etched with delicate detail. Naushad, our Villa Host, taps the wood, knowledgeably. ‘This is Razi's work', he shares. A local artisan, Razi and his family have upheld the cultural heritage of the Maldives for generations.
Covering a total area of 110 sqm, the 17 Ocean Villas feature unique hand-carved furnishings inspired by the 450-year old Mosque on the nearby island of Utheem. Beds are made of original teak, while the expansive terrace outside features a traditional swing, un'dhoali, and an over-water hammock. The life of today's local islanders is captured through vibrant photography, featuring an intriguing character or cultural nuance.
Spectacular panoramic views can be enjoyed from the three-sided floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area, or let the colourful underwater world enchant via the glass panelled floor. Guests can enjoy use of a private plunge pool, before venturing into the turquoise ocean below.
The light and airy interiors of the rooms continue into the air-conditioned bathrooms, where the cool grey of the granite walls contrasts with the dazzling white of the i-Spa bathtub - perfect for evening soaking, as day turns to dusk.
Ocean Villas can accommodate up to three adults, or two adults plus two children.
Also included in each Ocean Villa:

In-Villa private bar
Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
Personal safe
Pillow menu
Portable phone with IDD
Life jacket
Electrical blinds
Discover the sophistication of the Beach Villa


Beach Suite.

Resting in our cabana, we recount the story that Fiona, our Host, shared with us. Volleyball is a popular pastime on the local islands, but teams had been predominantly made up by men. This year, the ladies decided to take matters into their own hands, hosting a tournament. Fiona whispered, ‘And guess who won...' We laugh, warmed by the spirit of friendly competition

The ultimate hideaway experience, the spacious Beach Suites offer a generous 225 sqm of space and include a separate bedroom and living room, as well as a sprawling outdoor deck. Inside, natural tones of white and beige are juxtaposed with the rich wood of hand-carved furnishings. Photography capturing the unique culture of the local islands adorns the walls, each one speaking of a distinct personality or intriguing custom

The open-air bathrooms, featuring a rain shower and i-Spa bathtub, open out onto an equally large back deck, where guests can enjoy use of a 15 sqm plunge pool and daybeds. The living room offers a large space for lounging and entertaining, while outside a private beach cabana is the perfect spot for daytime relaxation.
Also included in each Beach Suite:

In-Suite private bar
Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
Personal safe
Pillow menu
Portable phone with IDD
Life jacket
Discover the beauty of the Grand Water Pavilion


Grand Water Pavilion.

Snorkelling in the cerulean sea below. Sunrise and sunset visible from the extensive private deck. Paradise. We have never experienced such dazzling beauty before. Each moment, bliss. Each day, unimaginable. Each evening, sensational.
Perched above the pristine turquoise ocean, the Grand Water Pavilion offers a luxurious haven covering 350 sqm. Elegantly designed, it features an intricate thatched octagonal roof with breezy indoor and outdoor spaces.
This singular villa includes two beautifully furnished bedrooms, whilst the three bathrooms include i-Spa facilities and designer amenities. A private dining area and spacious lounge provide space for personalised celebration and relaxation.
Outside, guests can bask in the tranquillity of an expansive sundeck. Along with panoramic vistas of the Indian Ocean and the local uninhabited islands of Medhafushi and Govvafushi, it includes a 7.5 metre infinity pool and direct access to the lagoon below. Up to 6 guests, adults or children, can be accommodated.
Also included in the Grand Water Pavilion:

  • In-Pavilion private bar
  • Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
  • Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
  • Personal safe
  • Pillow menu
  • Portable phone with IDD
  • Life jacket
  • Ploh bathrobes

Discover the refinement of the Grand Beach Pavilion


Grand Beach Pavilion.

Incredible. A night sky like no other, plotted through the telescope in our top floor game lounge. Swimming races in the private pool. Soothing spa treatments delivered in our personal massage room. A haven of calm, fun, decadence and warmth.
The ultimate Beach House experience, the Grand Beach Pavilion offers a luxurious residence where guests' absolute privacy is guaranteed. Covering a total area of 600 sqm, it is the perfect retreat for a family or group of friends.
Guests enter via a walled courtyard with ornamental ponds, leading into an elegant dining room and living area. Two beautifully appointed bedrooms offer direct access to the 13 metre infinity pool, while the master bedroom also features a separate plunge pool in the open-air bathroom. Wellness is assured through a sauna, steam room and a private massage treatment room.
A first floor game lounge, which can be turned into a third bedroom, offers stunning vistas across the ocean and state-of-the-art entertainment, including a flat screen TV and Wii. Guests can enjoy relaxing in the private plunge pool or lounging on the sun deck. A secluded beach cabana and direct access to a private beach area ensure a truly exclusive experience.
Also included in the Grand Beach Pavilion:

  • In-Pavilion private bar
  • Nespresso machine, Bodum kettle and selection of TWG teas
  • Flat screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player, home theatre system
  • Personal safe
  • Pillow menu
  • Portable phone with IDD
  • Life jacket
  • Ploh bathrobes
  • Wii, Karaoke
  • Telescope



Dawn. The shimmer of orange, red, yellow. Heat rising over the indigo waters. Champagne's golden effervescence mimics our excited joy. A breakfast both local and international, sweet and savoury, personalised and perfect. We toast the new day.
Set over the water, Saffron teams incomparable views over the Indian Ocean with sumptuous cuisine. In the morning, experience the delights of a Champagne Breakfast. As evening settles, sample authentic Maldivian and Asian delicacies served as manta rays glide in the lagoon below.
Your Villa Host can arrange a personalised Champagne breakfast at the time of your choice; Dinner is served between 19.00 and 22.30


Medium Rare.

Tide at night. Diamond pinpricks against onyx. Vallo's warm chuckle from the outdoor kitchen. Mouth-watering scents carried on the breeze. We have not ordered, yet a selection of our favourite grilled seafoods, meats and accompaniments appears in front of us. Vallo waves. He knows us, knows our every taste.
A beachfront setting infused with laughter, romance and privacy, Medium Rare offers a selection of local seafood and the finest imported meats seasoned with organic herbs drawn from the Beach House garden.
Dinner is served from 19.00 until 22.30


The Cellar.

Jungle foliage. Then a wooden door surrounded by lava stones beckons. We open it, tiptoeing down into a secret underground chamber. Thousands of bottles of the finest wines. A hidden trove of taste and sensation. Stanley, the Sommelier, begins his fascinating story.
Located 8 feet below sea level, The Cellar houses an extensive collection of fine vintages from all over the world, comprising over 400 labels and 3,000 bottles. Connoisseurs and beginners alike are invited by the Executive Chef and Sommelier to indulge in exclusive culinary experiences: Wine Cellar Dinner and Cantinetta. Enjoy haute cuisine whilst gaining thrilling insight into the intricacies and techniques of viniculture.
Upon reservation, Wine Cellar Dinner, Cantinetta are served from 19.30.
Private wine tastings are also available upon request


Four Corners.

Hedhikaa. Traditional Maldivian snacks. Rich triangle pockets of flour, freshly caught tuna nestling with home-grown onions and peppers, dashed with local spice. A new discovery, tastes explored. A breakfast like no other. We giggle, guiltless and happy, sharing local delicacies at 7am.
A relaxing veranda, Four Corners presents a magnificent Breakfast Buffet, with an array of international culinary options as well as local specialities. In the evening, Asian, Middle Eastern and Maldivian buffet dinners provide the perfect opportunity to explore global cuisine.
Breakfast is served from 7.00 to 10.00; Lunch is served from 12:00 to 15:00. Dinner is served from 19.00 to 22.00



Imagine. Close of the day. The sun slips candidly away. Laughter. Love. Vodka martinis and sublime tapas. Ahmed tells a story; it is about his daughter who passed into her final year. With a beguiling Maldivian grin, he says she is the first of his family to reach higher education. We settle back; somewhat reassured that life continues beyond this idyll.
A luxurious sunset spot, Saltwater provides the perfect ambience within which to enjoy cocktails, discover unique sangria recipes and feast on tapas. After a day in the sun, breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean can be enjoyed in this stunning environment.
Open from 18.00 until late.
Happy Hour is from 21:00 until 22:00



Quietly. Slipping into water. Cool, refreshing, still. The calm of seclusion. Delicious sandwiches brought to tables. A community of special individuals. A space of pure pleasure.
A tranquil oasis on the beach, Infiniti offers seclusion and privacy to guests. A fabulous array of freshly made salads or sandwiches are served throughout the day.
Open from 10.00 to 19.00



Brazil. Gaudy nights in Rio. Samba and favela. Amit, the award-winning bartender, shakes another cocktail and we share travel tales - some that make us laugh, some that draw respectful silence. We delve into our worlds, what brings us here, to this magnificent day. We look around, appreciating the tropical beauty, the shimmering pool, the magic of this moment.
Drawing upon the Maldivian affinity for nature and the outdoors, the Brazilian-inspired Amazon is set in the cool tropical surroundings of the main pool, offering a wide range of smoothies, mocktails and classic or bespoke cocktails. Throughout the day, chefs create salads and serve delicious home-made pizzas fresh from the oven.
Open from 9.00 to 18.00


Personalised Dining

Tonight. Twenty years celebrated. Happiness. Age. We made it. And here we sit, eating and drinking together on our own deserted island. Just the buzz of cicada, the lap of water, your eyes in mine, mine in yours.
For those seeking an unforgettable personalised dining experience, a fleet of mobile chefs is at hand to arrange private suppers in secluded over-water pavilions, in the comfort of one's own Villa, Suite or Pavilion or on one of the resort's nearby deserted islands.
Upon reservation



Experience De' Spa.
A natural voyage of relaxation

Sunlight filters through the banyan trees, caressing the quiet pathways that gently meander, like us, towards the circular central entrance of our destination. Already, we feel calm descend upon us. Walking through the Spa, each room beautifully designed, each contour carved, this healing space seems to beat with energy.
Authentic Maldivian traditions of bodywork, exfoliation, detoxification. Soothing local green coconut oil. Revitalising white sands from the beach. Indigenous herbalism, the therapeutic wonders of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Contemplation and regeneration drawn from all corners of the world. I choose to indulge in a Maldivian massage, and await my two hours of bliss.
Time has stopped. Hand-picked flowers in my eyeline. The compassion of Christine's kind touch. A delicate note hummed as the ritual begins. Smoke and scent embrace the atmosphere. Warm green coconut oil trickles from the tips of toes to the reach of fingertips. Expert pace and pressure that comforts and calms. I drift into dreams of music, of joy, of stillness. Then, slowly, I wake, as if steadily pulling back from another world. Tired, enchantingly so, I feel like I have not felt in many months. I feel whole. And I smile, sipping my nurturing herbal tea in the Relaxation Garden, taking my time


Spa Concept
Welcome to De' Spa

De' Spa embraces the symbolic nature of the historical labyrinth - a winding path that forms a journey to self discovery and holistic renewal. According to individual needs, rejuvenation programmes can be created by choosing from a selection that includes:
Traditional Maldivian Healing Ritual
Maldivian Massage
Our signature treatments are an immersion in authentic natural Maldivian healing traditions, drawing upon the four elements to create regenerative journeys that balance the mind and uplift the spirit.
Indigenous herbalism
Partnered with world renowned Aromatherapy Associates, De' Spa provides a sophisticated collection of aromatherapy treatments for anti-aging, deep hydration, mental clarity and relaxation. Every treatment stays true to traditional aromatherapy principles, using the powerful effects of massage to enhance the invigorating properties of essential oils.
Ornately carved wooden doors lead to each of the 9 treatment rooms; an additional Ayurvedic treatment room is prepared for Shirodhara treatments. Each treatment room includes two comfortable massage couches, two chairs for seated treatments, an open-air rain shower and bath. Hydrotherapy, sauna and steam room are included as complimentary for guests before or after treatment. Treatments are delivered by one of 7 experienced therapists.
Guests have the opportunity to experience De' Spa with a complimentary Jet Lag Massage (20 minutes). Your Villa Host will make an appointment for you on arrival at Beach House Iruveli.
De' Spa is open from 10.00 to 20.00


A space of calm

Yoga and meditation. The hidden winding pathways of the lush tropical spa gardens lead to the Mind and Body Movement Pavilion, a dedicated centre for self-discovery, inner purification and contemplation. Amin, our Internationally Certified Wellness Instructor, shares his knowledge and insights, enhancing well-being through daily classes that calm the spirit and renew the body.
Goals can be further achieved through private sessions and tailored programs, including incorporation of yoga and meditation into De' Spa journeys.

Wellness and Fitness Schedule.

Our personal trainer and fitness instructor offers innovative cardio and strength classes or can create an individually tailored exercise plan to meet your needs. The wellness timetable varies throughout the year depending on instructor availability; please refer to the timetable for further information on current classes.
MONDAY 17:30 Hatha Yoga (30 min) at De' Spa
TUESDAY 17:00 Boot Camp (30 min) at Reception
WEDNESDAY 17:00 Gym Workout (40 min)
THURSDAY 17:30 Pilates (30 min) at De' Spa
FRIDAY 17:00 Meditation (30 min) at De' Spa
SATURDAY 17:00 Gym Circuit (40 min) at the Gym
SUNDAY No classes



Explore the Indian Ocean.

The sand between my toes, delightfully hot, then the tickle of tide. I walk into the waters, cerulean blue, vivid and alive. Marine life, dipping and darting, an underwater ballet. Befriending fish: shy parrots, cheeky clowns, dazzling angels, in waters so clear visibility seemed to stretch on for miles.


The unchartered waters of the Haa Alif atoll can be explored with the guidance of the experienced, reassuring PADI 5 star dive team. The House Reef, with its gentle current and shallow depths, is the perfect place for non-swimmers and novice divers to gain confidence in the water. For more experienced divers and underwater photographers, exquisite local dive sites teeming with marine life await discovery.
With nine languages spoken, comprehensive and multilingual diving courses are offered for all diving levels. Complimentary snorkelling gear is also available.
PADI 5 star dive centre is open from 8.30 to 18.00.

Water sports.

The VDWS certified water sports school offers non-motorised water sports including windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling and catamaran sailing, as well as motorised activities, including jet-skiing, wakeboarding, mono-skiing, knee-boarding and water skiing.
Qualified, friendly instructors provide essential guidance and refresher courses.
VDWS certified water sports school is open from 9.00 to 18.30.


Sea salt flecked hair tied back, the tennis game begins. Dormant spirits of competition rise and roam as we play for each and every point, extending, jumping, giggling. Though we haven't played in years, the strokes are there, alive still, and I remember how much I enjoy this. More still after I win another game.
Fitness facilities include:
Three swimming pools
State-of-the-art fitness centre (open 24 hours)
Tennis court
Table tennis
Pool table


The day quiets, as do we. We saunter to PLAY, he to practice his golf swing, whilst I take to the library to read. Curled up with a good book, as the sun deepens and evening edges in, I feel as though we've finally come home.
A playground for children and grown-ups alike, offering an extensive array of recreational activities. While adults take advantage of the golf simulator and home theatre system, children can enjoy the video games room in the nearby Kids' Club. The fitness centre is located within the complex. Additional features include a library, providing an assortment of books and magazines, as well as complimentary internet with printing, fax and photocopying facilities.
PLAY is open 24 hours and supervised from 7.00 to 20.00.

Kids' Club.

Children are VIPs at the Kids' Club, known at Beach House Iruveli as ‘Turtle Club'. Their own little paradise has a private pool with mini-daybeds, a games room, a mini-climbing wall, a herb garden, a bungee trampoline for the older children and an extensive tailor-made programme of activities for their entertainment including cookery classes, crab hunting and pirate dress-up.
Open for children aged 3 to 12, fun and discovery never end.
Additional children's resort facilities include:
Babysitting service
Children's menu
Children's cribs and high chairs
Children's bottle warmers
Children's baby monitors
In-villa children's amenities
Kids' Club is open from 9.00 to 18.00



At Beach House, I became We

White. All is white. The beach floats, a dazzling, hot carpet in front of me. I sense the glances of my closest family, oldest friends. And I swallow, trying to contain the emotion springing out of me. I am here at Beach House, living my best day, the day I have dreamed of. The music plays. Strings and bodu beru drums, a soaring melody in time with my steps. I stop, turn and I look at my love, standing here with me. I am complete.
Exchange your wedding vows in a spectacular Maldivian setting with one of four unforgettable ceremony packages:
- Beach Blessing
Create lasting memories in a traditional wedding ceremony on the resort's idyllic beach.
- Love Pavilion Blessing
Enjoy breathtaking views across the lagoon whilst exchanging vows in the elegantly romantic Love Pavilion.
- Cast Away Blessing
Celebrate your special day amidst the secluded paradise of Medhafushi or Govvafushi island.
- Maldivian Blessing
Indulge in the rich culture of your host country in a traditional Maldivian wedding ceremony surrounded by the beautiful panorama of Manafaru island.
Please note that the ceremony is not legally binding


At Beach House, our journey began

The gentle plough of the dhoni. Champagne tickles excited lips and we look out, together, across the expansive Indian Ocean. In the distance, Govvafushi island, deserted but for us this evening as we celebrate our boundless happiness together. We lean back against each other, watching the sun paint fire onto the silver water. I realise that nothing will ever be the same again. For I am We now. And as I close my eyes, lifting my face, the gold of the sun blesses my smile.
Each ceremony package comprises a private sunset cruise onboard a traditional dhoni followed by a four-course candlelit dinner including a glass of Champagne. One night's Villa accommodation and in-Villa Champagne breakfast are also included. The perfect way to start your honeymoon.
Additional nights, tailored activities and personalised dining can be arranged for you by our expert, friendly team


Renewal of Vows
At Beach House, our journey continued

He takes my hand. We are older now, but his hand still fits into mine, mine into his as it did years ago. We have seen so much together, laughed and cried. As our happy tears drop into the sand, melting together, bound, I know today is an expression of the eternal promise etched in our two hearts. Inscribed on that first day. The first day, when young hands silently touched.
Renewal of Vows ceremony packages include Beach Blessing, Love Pavilion Blessing, Cast Away Blessing and Maldivian Blessing, and can be personalised according to your wishes.






Resort Quick Facts

No. of Rooms:   Rooms
Distance from Airport:  60 Minute Airplane and 45 Minute Speed Boat or 75 Minutes Di
Transfer By:  Speed boat & Seaplane

Room Categories

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  • The Andaman Sea is regarded as Thailand's most precious natural resource as it hosts the most popular and luxurious resorts in Asia.
  • Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited.
  • Malaysia is a South Asian country rich in natural resources in areas such as agriculture, forestry and minerals.
  • Agriculture has long been the most important sector of the Cambodian economy.
  • Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited.
  • is particularly known for its beaches which are among the best in Malaysia.
  • Agriculture has long been the most important sector of the Cambodian economy.